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Project Management Essentials – Part 1

Part 1 of Continuing Professional Development’ s Project Management Essentials online CPD course consists of four modules covering: Project Management Concepts, the Project Life cycle, Organisational styles and their impact on project management, and the Project Define phase. It is equivalent to 15 hours pf CPD. Purchasing it as a package represents a significant discount over purchasing each module separately.

Project Management Essentials – Part 2

A project management online course that covers the project planning phase. This online CPD course follows and builds on Project Management Essentials-Part 1 and includes several of our individual project management courses. Buying as a bundled package, you save US$198. Content Practical, engaging and interactive, Project Management Essentials-Part 2 consists of seven modules covering: Module Read more…

Stakeholder Analysis Online Course

Identifying stakeholders is a crucial task because important decisions during many stages of a project are made by stakeholders. Sometimes identifying stakeholders is straightforward, other times you have to search for them. Projects become derailed when key stakeholders are not identified or are not engaged with effectively. This online course addresses those issues and gives you practical tools to deal with these complex aspects.

Risk Management Course

Take this risk management online course to help you understand and manage risk. Comprehensive risk management is pivotal to successful organisational, business and project outcomes. Risk management not only uncovers threats but, just as importantly, it can reveal golden opportunities. These opportunities can make your project smarter, faster and more profitable. Content Any risk identified Read more…

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