CPD Requirements for Engineers in Australia

To maintain Chartered status engineers in Australia must complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which is subject to audit every five years.

CPD Hours150 hours (minimum) of structured CPD over a three-year period.

Of the 150 hours:
• At least 50 hours must relate to your area(s) of practice
• At least 10 hours must cover risk management
• At least 15 hours must address business and management skills
• The remainder must cover a range of activities relevant to your career & interests.
Types of CPDObvious - Attend Conferences, Seminars, Training Courses, presentations, site visits, read industry journals, undertake university study or web-based learning.
Not so obvious - Participate in industry and volunteer committees, mentoring activities, present papers at conferences and seminars, write articles for journals, even learn a language (if used for work purposes - ie relocation to international office).
Often forgotten – Workplace - learning new software or codes, in-house presentations and committee involvement, implementing/creating new systems and ways of conducting business and research activities.

CPD Subject Matter• Relevant to area of practice
• Risk Management
• Business and management skills
• Range of activities relevant to career and interests

More information can be found in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy approved by the Council of Engineers Australia, 19 February 2009.

CPD Requirements for Engineers in Australia

CPD must be relevant to the Competency Standards for Professional Engineers. The 2012 Australian Engineering Competency Standards Stage 2 for Professional Engineers provide the basis for registration on the National Engineering Registers and comprise sixteen Elements of Competence divided into four principal groups:

  • personal commitment
  • obligation to community
  • value in the workplace
  • technical proficiency 

Personal Commitment

1. Deal with ethical issues
2. Practise competently
3. Responsibility for engineering activities

Obligation to community

4. Develop safe and sustainable solutions
5. Engage with the relevant community and stakeholders
6. Identify, assess and manage risks
7. Meet legal and regulatory requirements

Value in the Workplace

8. Communication
9. Performance
10.Taking action

Technical Proficiency

12. Advanced engineering knowledge
13. Local engineering knowledge
14. Problem Analysis
15. Creativity and Innovation
16. Evaluation

If you are a professional engineer, you can most likely claim Continuing Professional Development’s online courses as CPD hours if they are relevant to your professional development. We recommend you check the CPD requirements for engineers in Australia with your specific registration board. Click here for CPD requirements for engineers in other countries and click here to view our CPD course catalogue, which includes online CPD courses on risk management, project management and business finance.

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