Finance for Technical Professionals – Part 1

Online Finance Course

Part 1 of Continuing Professional Development’s online Finance course for technical professionals is designed to introduce the technical professional to the concepts and practices of business financial management.

This will equip you to knowledgeably participate in financial discussions and decision making. Interested? You can see a Course Preview here


Part 1 of this online Finance course comprises four modules covering:
Module 1. Financial Fundamentals [1 Hour]
Module topics include:

Module 2. The Big Picture [3 Hours]
Module topics include:

  • the various types of companies and the differences between them
  • the typical ownership models used in a business environment,
  • the roles and legal obligations of company officers and directors
  • the significant legal obligations in owning, operating or managing a company
  • what different types of organisation are likely to be encountered in business life
  • what type of organisation is likely to present opportunities
  • Download The Big Picture Course Overview

Module 3. Company Accounts [2 Hours]
Module topics include:

Module 4. Cash Flow [1.5 Hours]
Module topics include:

  • the importance of cash flow in business
  • how to understand company reports through cash flow
  • how to manage cash in a business environment
  • Download Cash Flow Course Overview

Who should take this Finance course?

  • non-financial managers – such as engineers, technologists, technicians, architects, scientists, planners, lawyers.
  • technical professionals intending to move into management or governance roles.
  • professionals with a non-accounting background who are involved in financial decision making.
  • technical professionals who want to establish their own business.

How long will it take?

The course is equivalent to 7.5 hours of continuing professional development. If it takes longer to complete, then you can claim extra CPD credits. Your progress through the online Finance course is recorded by Continuing Professional Development’s learning management system. At the completion of the course you will be able to print a unique certificate of completion for your records which shows the equivalent hours of CPD.

The online Finance Course for Technical Professionals – Part 1 forms part of Continuing Professional Development’s online Finance courses.  Part 2 will cover Financial Ratio Analysis and its use in interpreting a company’s financial position, Ownership options and their implications, Depreciation and Costing – recording and forecasting costs to manage business activities.

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