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Stormwater and Groundwater – Development Effects – Part 2 Online Course

This new online course ‘Stormwater and Groundwater – Development Effects (Part 2)’ is about the effects that development activities have on the water environment. If you plan, design or construct development projects this online course will help you understand their short and long-term effects. Part 2- Development activities and their effects on the water environment Whenever a Read more…

Establishing Project Teams

Project management is not just about creating schedules and budgets. One of the more challenging aspects is bringing people together to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities. Before we get into the mechanics of ‘establishing a project team” it is useful to think about what a team is.  What are the defining characteristics Read more…

Technical Report Writing Online Course

Learn how to deliver technical information in a report using writing skills that effectively and easily communicate your findings and recommendations. Learn about set out, content and the use of executive summaries. Our online learning subject matter experts are trained professionals with years of experience in how the practical application of these tools and techniques in Read more…