Project Management course evaluation by Senior Engineer

Project Management Essentials – Part 1 Course Evaluation by Senior Engineer

Continuing Professional Development sent the Project Management Essentials – Part 1 online course to a number of independent evaluators who are representative of the professional users that this course is aimed at. These evaluators agreed to test the course and give us their feedback.

An independent reviewer did this project management course evaluation  to help you decide whether this course is for you. He is a Senior Professional Engineer, working in local government, in the 50-60 age bracket. <Comments from Continuing Professional Development are in blue in angled brackets>.

“Thanks for the opportunity to evaluate the Project Management Essentials course.

The interactive parts of the course got me involved – clicking through the timeline in the Project Management Definitions and History lesson, watching the stakeholder scenario, or working my way through the thought provoking quiz in the lesson on defining project goals and objectives.

This type of project management course has direct practical application to my work. For example, stakeholder analysis is a significant issue on complex projects and the Excel template for stakeholder analysis that is provided with the course simplifies this step of the process.

It was also good to write a project charter based on the case study, and then be able to compare answers with the sample answer to confirm I was on the right track.

The question and answer forums are worthwhile to engage with colleagues and hear others’ perspectives. And also to be able to participate in group work after you’ve had a chance to think the issues through.

I did wonder why only some lessons had audio narration?

<Continuing Professional Development responds: That’s a good question and so we have added this explanation to the FAQs on the course page

A. Voice-over narration is added to lessons or pages for the specific purposes of explaining visuals or charts, expanding on bullet points, or providing expert commentary. Voice-over is not used to read text out loud. We leave the reading to you as studies show that reading on-screen while listening to the same text being read aloud actually decreases retention. If a page has voice-over narration this is shown by the blue headphones icon in the bottom right corner, so that you know to turn on your volume and use your headset.>

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