Project Management Course Evaluation by Project Manager

Project Management Essentials – Part 1 Course Evaluation by Project Manager

Continuing Professional Development sent the Project Management Essentials – Part 1 online course to a number of independent evaluators who are representative of the professional users that this course is aimed at. These evaluators agreed to test the course and give us their feedback.

This evaluation is from a professional engineer who works as a project manager and policy advisor for a professional institution. She is in the 25-35 age bracket. <Comments from Continuing Professional Development are in blue in angled brackets>

“1. The course material provides really good background/introductory project management information

2. I like the ease of use and the ability to re-read parts of the lessons if needed.

3. I like the ability to review the quiz questions to see which ones are answered correctly and what the correct answers were.

4. I really like the stakeholder analysis information – the influence/interest figure was useful and something I intend to remember. I also found the video meeting of a project team really useful – it made the lesson more real and got me thinking about stakeholders.

5. One thing that could enhance the course is providing estimates of time required to complete lessons on the Topic Outline page e.g. 1.1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT – DEFINITIONS AND HISTORY (This lesson takes x minutes to complete). This would help course participants know the total time they need to allow to complete the course so they can fit it around their other commitments.
<Continuing Professional Development agreed with the evaluator that this was a great idea and we have added this information to the course>

6. I got a bit stuck in the Stakeholders lesson as some of the lesson (e.g. Stakeholders who will be affected by the project) opened in another new window so I then had to find my way back to the rest of the lesson.
<Opening parts of the lesson in a new window makes viewing the webpage easier. To help find your way back to the lesson Continuing Professional Development has added instructions on how to navigate back to the lesson after you open the other web pages.>

Thanks for the opportunity to test the course – it was fun.”

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