Combo Course -The Work Breakdown Structure and The Project Schedule

Work Breakdown Structure and Project Schedule training go hand-in-hand. So we have combined them into one convenient online course.

Work Breakdown Structure Training Course

work breakdown structure and project schedule training

A comprehensive Work Breakdown Structure is the starting point and the foundation of sound project management.

Projects can often be overwhelming in their complexity. Where to start? How do you identify, organise and co-ordinate the multitude of resources necessary to achieve the project objectives and outcomes? Work breakdown structure training will help.

Content of Work Breakdown Structure Course

The work breakdown structure is an important tool that project managers use to:

  • reveal the scope of project work
  • easily communicate the work and processes involved to execute the project.

The Work Breakdown Structure provides a view into the project which shows what work the project includes. It identifies all the tasks in a project and breaks the larger project down into a series of manageable and discrete tasks.

The work breakdown structure is an hierarchical breakdown of all work required to complete a project. Graphically, think of it as a tree structure in which the elements at a lower level consist of all the activities needed to complete the higher level.

By the end of this elearning course on work breakdown structure training you should be able to:
  • Identify all the tasks in a project
  • Describe what is involved with each task
  • Develop a comprehensive work breakdown structure in graphic or outline format using the practical skills and techniques provided in the course.
  • Download Work Breakdown Structure Course Overview . . .

This is a practical and interactive online course on the Work Breakdown structure. It contains four scenarios to help you complete a practical exercise and prepare a WBS Dictionary. You can interact with other course participants to develop your skills and broaden your thinking. The course facilitator is on-hand to moderate discussions and assist with any specific queries.

This elearning course on the WBS provides a common sense approach, and gives you the confidence and practical skills you need to produce a real-life WBS for your projects that will provide a strong foundation for sound project management.

Project Scheduling Online Course

Work-Schedule Online Course

If the work breakdown structure forms the foundation of project planning, then the project work schedule forms the central structure.

Project managers use schedules to sequence and control project activities. Management use them to monitor performance against targets. Schedules show the organisation how the work will be performed and define timelines, delivery dates and resources that are needed. A realistic project work schedule is key to a successful project.

Content of Project Scheduling Course

The critical path is a central feature of the project work schedule. Ensuring that critical path tasks start and finish on time is the safest way of completing the project on time. Optimising the project work schedule involves reviewing the draft schedule with fresh eyes and seeking ways to improve it by making it more realistic, more accurate, more efficient and faster. This involves looking for: inaccuracies in task relationships, over allocations and under allocations, bottlenecks, opportunities to reduce the project work schedule duration, unrealistic time estimates and omissions.

By the end of this elearning course on the project work schedule you should be able to:
  • define key terms relating to project work scheduling
  • identify the steps in scheduling the work and place them in a logical order
  • estimate time and duration for each task
  • understand how to identify resource requirements
  • sequence the tasks using network diagrams and Gantt charts
  • understand and identify the critical path
  • create a draft project work schedule and optimise the schedule.
  • Download Project Work Schedule Course Overview . . .

Who should take this combo online course?

  • project managers
  • project team leaders and project team members
  • Any practitioners intending to move into project management or leadership roles.
  • anyone involved in identifying tasks, assigning resources and developing work schedules for projects
  • public or private sector managers, supervisors, consultants, cross-functional team leaders or anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of project management

The principles in this course apply to anyone who needs to manage project resources and schedules. It is applicable to practitioners across a range of skill sets including the science, engineering, architectural, planning, educational, financial, IT, marketing and sales fields.

How long will it take to do this combo course?

It should take an average of 5 hours to complete the Work Breakdown Structure training course [2.5 hours] and the Project Work Schedule training course [2.5 hours]. If it takes longer, then you can claim extra CPD credits. At the completion of the online courses you will be able to print unique Certificates of Completion for your records which show the equivalent hours of CPD.

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