Continuing Professional Development FAQs

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How do I start?

There are 2 pathways:
1. Become a Member
Our subscriptions gives you unlimited access to all our courses – including all new courses as they are added. Only $99.95 per month, or $999 per year (get 2 months free)

2. Purchase individual course(s).
Step 1: Find your course.
Click on ‘Online Courses’ in the top menu and then select the course you want to do from the catalogue.  When you’ve selected your course click ‘Add to cart.’ You can add as many courses as you want to your cart. (You can also access Courses in the right side-bar).
Step 2: Register and Pay.
Go to your shopping cart, by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen. When you are ready to checkout, you will be asked to register. This involves Creating a Customer Profile  (setting up a user name and password) and then paying for your course(s) via Paypal.
Step 3: Take your Course!
After payment is received you will automatically receive an email confirming you are enrolled in your courses and giving you instructions on how to access them.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes we do. We are so confident in our courses that we offer a money back guarantee for the first 14 days.

How do I pay for the course?

We use Paypal’s gateway for payments. A proven 3rd party system that ensures your confidence.

How many courses are included and what are they on?

The courses vary and are being developed continuously. Currently we have Project Management, Risk Management, Environmental and Finance courses available online. More courses are being added as they are completed, with new Environmental and Report writing courses following soon. You can see our full Course Catalogue here.

Do you provide expert assistance in your courses if I have any questions or problems?

Yes, all our courses have highly qualified Course Facilitators who are available to moderate discussion forums and help you with any queries. Everyone needs help at times and this one-to-one contact ensures that you are not left in a learning vacuum where you are unsure about any aspects. Our Course Facilitators are subject matter experts with technical as well as management, leadership and governance experience.They are industry experts with a wealth of experience in their fields and our online courses allow you to learn from them. They are on hand to monitor your progress through the course so that they can provide encouragement and feedback when required.

Is a verified Course Completion Certificate provided?

Yes, our learning management system digitally records your progress and a unique certificate of completion can be printed out when lessons, quizzes and discussion forums have been completed.  Each certificate has a unique digital ID code. The Course Facilitator also monitors progress and confirms the release of the Course Completion Certificate.

Do I need to complete a course immediately after buying it?

No – you can do the course whenever you like. You have complete flexibility – you can buy a course today and complete it in a time frame that fits around your other commitments. You can also review the course materials whenever you like and benefit from any updates at no extra cost. Access times for purchased courses (not subscriptions) range from 3 months to 12 months. Access times are specified when you purchase the course.

Do I have to complete the entire course in one sitting?

No. You can start, stop and resume where you left off as many times as you like at no extra charge.

If I leave the course partway through, do I have to start from the beginning?

No. Our software will either automatically take you back to the point where you left off, or give you the option of resuming where you left off, or re-starting the course. If you choose to re-start the course your previous attempts at the quizzes and activities are deleted.

Is Continuing Professional Development accredited to provide CPD training?

Continuing Professional Development is a CPD provider which gives professionals the option of learning online. Our courses are offered by professional and learning organizations, and the hours spent learning may be used as part of CPD requirements for professional engineers with a number of engineering institutions. If you are a professional engineer, you can most likely claim Continuing Professional Development’s online courses as CPD hours if they are relevant to your professional development. We recommend you check the requirements of your specific registration board. You can review CPD requirements for engineers here. Following successful completion of the course you can print out your Course Completion Certificate with the unique digital ID and use this for audit purposes.

What resources are required to run the online courses?

  • A Windows PC or laptop, or android tablet, fast internet access, e-mail, and the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser. We do not recommend Internet Explorer. Students have experienced problems when using this browser, and testing shows it is incompatible with our Learning Management System.
  • A Macintosh computer, fast internet access, e-mail, and the Safari web browser.
  • An IPad, fast internet access, email and the Puffin web browser available from the App store. You can download the free version of the Puffin web browser which contains the full functionality of the professional version for the first 14 days so that you can evaluate its suitability. If you then wish upgrade to the Professional version of Puffin the cost is around $4.
  • Some courses use Adobe reader X or later, and it can be downloaded for free here.
  • Some courses have complimentary takeaway Excel templates for your personal use. Excel 2007 or later is required to open these templates. All courses can be completed without requiring Excel software.

Do I have to complete the course on one platform?

No. You can mix and match using any of the platforms described above.

How do we know we will get what we pay for and that you are reliable and trustworthy?

All the course designers are experts in their chosen fields. More detail on the subject matter experts. And remember the 14 day money back guarantee.

Do you offer special pricing for returning participants?

We are always pleased to see old friends and offer a loyalty reward for those returning to update their skills with us. Please contact us for information.

My Company likes what we see. Are you able to offer a company pricing? And can you brand a course for us?

Thanks for the feedback. Yes we do offer pricing for companies that are purchasing multiple course logons. Yes we can brand any of our courses for your Company. We are happy to use your logos and colors and make our courses look just like something that has come out of your training department.

We need some online training for a specific task are you able to help?

Contact us and let’s talk. We are happy to help where we can. Our subject matter experts and course designers enjoy a new challenge. If we can’t do the job we may be able to help you find someone who can.

What is continuing professional development?

You can read more about continuing professional development here.

Why is CPD important?

Well crafted and delivered continuing professional development is important because it ensures that you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills you need to deliver a professional service to your customers, clients and the community. You can read more here.

What are the benefits of online courses for continuing professional development?

Well constructed online cpd courses allow you to test your learning, carry out practical exercises, and share your thinking and analysis with your online community of peers and colleagues. You can find out more about these benefits here. Online training also delivers real benefits for staff and professional development. We’ve summed them up in a simple slideshow. Use it to convince your boss about the benefits of online training and share it with your colleagues!