CPD for Health Professionals

Our recommendations on relevant CPD  for health professionals include two  online courses – defining project goals and objectives, and risk management.

These continuing professional development courses have across the board relevance to professionals working in the health sector. Courses on the theory and practice of defining goals and objectives, and identifying and managing risk, provide important CPD for health professionals.

More about this Project Management CourseDefining Project Goals and Objectives

This online course describes the difference between goals and objectives, and how to set SMART Goals and Objectives –Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. The course includes further resources from the Health Education Sector on writing smart objectives together with further links to resources available in the health sector. The online course takes an average of two hours to complete and it concludes with a quiz to test and reinforce understanding. You can download a Course Overview here

More about this Project Management CourseRisk Management Course

This online course covers the five steps in the risk management process-risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk treatment and risk monitoring and review. It is consistent with the International Standard Risk Management -Principles and Guidelines so it has global applicability in its content and coverage. Understanding the basic fundamentals of risk management is vital to anyone involved in identifying organisational, business case or project risk. An Excel template is also included to help practitioners quickly and easily develop a comprehensive Risk Register. The online course takes an average of two hours to complete and it concludes with a quiz to test and reinforce understanding. You can download a Course Overview…

Which health professionals should take these courses?

These courses are suited to:

  • staff moving into management positions
  • anyone responsible for planning or  managing projects
  • anyone involved as a project team member or team leader
  • anyone responsible for managing project, business or organisational risk

This could include nurses, therapists, counsellors and management.

  • Course facilitators are available to help with any queries and a special online forum is set up in each course for this purpose.
  • For organisations wanting to put a larger number of health professionals through these courses, we also offer bulk discounts-you can contact us for details.

More about this special offer

As a final bonus both these courses have a special offer attached. You can purchase MindGenius Mind Mapping software at a 20% discount. We use the software ourselves (the Course Overviews are prepared using MindGenius Mind Mapping software). It speeds up and simplifies the thought process, so we want to encourage our customers to try it as well.  Continuing Professional Development gets no commission from the sale of the MindGenius Software.


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