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At Continuing Professional Development, we want our online learning business to have a positive social impact. We want that positive social impact to tie into our vision of shared knowledge through lifelong learning. And we want that impact to go beyond our immediate sale of online courses.

So we asked:

How can we achieve this? What are the significant issues in learning and education that we can help with?

One of the key issues is that many people are denied access to a quality education.  Education is a basic human right that in turn creates a foundation for a person’s future, opens up opportunities and helps them reach their full potential. It is one of the most important tools in raising living standards and breaking the cycle of poverty. But many people, due to circumstances beyond their control, are unable to access learning. Barriers can be physical, social, cultural, economic, and environmental. We believe everyone should have equal access to education regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

So, we asked:

How can we help level the learning playing field and make a quality education accessible to everyone?

We worked on the assumption that our customers also want to create sustainable and positive social impacts, and they want to be involved with companies that promote this social entrepreneurship. By making the choice to buy our online courses, our customers not only obtain quality learning for themselves, but also contribute towards creating that same opportunity for someone else in need. Someone who would otherwise be unable to access this learning.

That is why we are developing our Giving Back Programme.

The concept is simple, and it starts with you, our customers. For each online course purchased, Continuing Professional Development will provide a free online course to a person in genuine need, who could not otherwise access learning  due to barriers and circumstances beyond their control. We work with our Giving Back Partners to match the free online course with the needs of selected course participants who meet our criteria.  You can read more about the Giving Back Programme here.

We’re always learning. We’ll assess the impact of our giving, through feedback from our Giving Partners and course participants. Then we’ll adapt, to make it more effective.

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