New Online Finance Course for Technical Professionals

New Online Finance CourseAre you a non-financial manager who wants training in finance and accounting concepts and principles, so that you can upskill and take a more advanced role in management, leadership or governance of organizations?

Our new online course on Finance for Technical Professionals-Part 1 will help you achieve those goals. Developed for technical professionals such as engineers, technologists, technicians, scientists, lawyers and architects, plus any other non-financial managers, it will enable you to extend your skills and opportunities by gaining financial knowledge.

What benefits can you expect from this new online finance course?

Knowledge of finance and accounting concepts and principles opens up your options and results in personal, career, and lifestyle benefits:

  1. At some stage in their career, many technical professionals will  be faced with the choice whether to remain in a strictly technical role or to advance their career by moving into a managerial role, becoming an investor or even owning their own business. Extending technical expertise with the ability to understand finances leads to more options for technical professionals with respect to the ability to afford lifestyle choices. It provides career flexibility, by either enhancing a technical career or enabling a change of direction.
  2. In business, legally the emphasis is solely on accounting records. As a technical professional, you miss the point about business if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of the financial world.
  3. Wherever you might choose to work around the world there is most likely to be a statutory requirement to maintain financial records and the consequent need to understand financial matters.
  4. Companies value a technical professional who can demonstrate financial rigour in reporting and managing day to day tasks. This creates opportunities to demonstrate skills such as effective budgeting and costing, as well as the development of reporting formats, standards and templates for the future. It is often better to be in control of these processes because if you aren’t, then you will soon be told how things should be done by others who don’t have your focus on things.
  5. To be an effective participant in the ongoing affairs of the business, it is important that the technical professional understands at least the rudiments of the language of finance and accounting and how to express technical issues in terms that can be readily understood by other participants in the business.
  6. Having the ability to communicate your needs in a meaningful manner can make a significant difference to the reception you receive when seeking change.
  7. Someone will eventually have to decide whether scarce funds are to be allocated to, say, the marketing department or the technical department, and the department which can most effectively make its case is likely to succeed.

It is not necessary to become a financial wizard overnight, but it is important that you assimilate skills that can add value to what it is you currently do!

This Finance Course for Technical Professionals course will give you the skills to:

  • understand the financial environment and participate in financial discussions and decision-making
  • understand a set of accounts and interpret those accounts
  • interact knowledgeably with others when discussing financial information and accounts

Ross Bauld - SME -Continuing Professional Development

Ross Bauld, a Principal at Continuing Professional Development, is the Course Facilitator and subject matter expert for our online finance courses. He has over 30 years of professional experience in infrastructure, asset and resource management including leading private and public sector organizations at Chief Executive level. Continuing Professional Development offers online courses developed by Ross Bauld on Finance for Technical Professionals and Non-financial Managers. Part 1 covers Finance Fundamentals, the Big Picture, Company Accounts and Cash Flow.

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