Project Management Courses

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Project Life Cycle and Organisational Styles

Do you want an overview of the project life cycle and the phases that all projects go through? Are you struggling with the impacts that organisational structure is having on project management? Then this project life cycle and organisational structures online course will help you. Content This elearning course consists of two modules: The first Read more…

Setting Project Goals and Objectives Online Course

Clearly defining project goals and objectives is a key requirement for successful project outcomes. Why? Because projects will only succeed if they have clear goals and objectives. Setting these is a key project management responsibility. By setting project goals and objectives you identify your destination and also provide a road map for getting there. Do Read more…

The Project Charter Online Course

Are you looking for a project charter template to help you prepare a quick and easy Project Charter for your new project? Do you want to focus on a specific topic and approach your project management online CPD in smaller sized packages? This elearning course on Writing the Project Charter will ensure your project gets Read more…