Project Quality Management


Sound project quality management is central to meeting project outcomes and satisfying customer expectations.

In project management, staying within budget and meeting every deadline is of no value if the outputs are poor quality. Adopting sound project quality management gives you, your organisation, and your client, a high degree of confidence that you will succeed in meeting expectations.


At the highest level, quality management is the concept of continuous improvement. It involves planning, doing, checking, and acting to improve quality standards.

The earlier a problem is identified and corrected or, even better, prevented from occurring in the first place, the more resources are conserved. This results in tangible benefits, such as reducing materials and resource costs. Intangible benefits also occur, such as stakeholder confidence and team morale. If you create project environments where quality flourishes, not only your customers and projects benefit, but there is also the potential to achieve a quality management improvement within your overall organisation.

Project managers report that it is too complicated to produce quality plans and the jargon is overwhelming and leaves them feeling confused. This course demystifies project quality management by introducing you to the processes for managing project quality.

By the end of this module on project quality management you should be able to:

  • Define quality and quality  management
  • List the steps of your project’s quality management process
  • Prepare A Quality Management Plan
  • Incorporate sound quality management processes into all of your projects going  forward.
  • Download Quality Management Course Overview…

This lesson provides a common sense approach, and provides the basic tools you need to create a sound quality plan.

Who should take this online project management course?

  • project managers
  • project team leaders and project team members
  • Any practitioners intending to move into project management or leadership roles.
  • anyone involved in planning and managing projects
  • public or private sector managers, supervisors, consultants, cross-functional team leaders or anyone who would like to gain a better understanding of project management

The principles in this course apply to anyone who needs to manage and plan projects. It applies to practitioners across a range of skill sets including the science, engineering, architectural, planning, IT, marketing and sales fields.

How long will it take?

It should take an average of two hours to complete the lesson and the associated activities. If it takes longer, then you can claim extra CPD credit. At the completion of the course you will be able to print a unique certificate of completion for your records which shows the equivalent hours of CPD.

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