Recommendations for Project Scheduling Software

There is a huge variety of Project Scheduling Software available in the marketplace.

Recommendations for project scheduling software from users is one of the best ways to determine which is the right project scheduling software for you. So, we encourage our online community to join the discussion below and share their experiences with project scheduling software.

Any project scheduling software you intend to use should:

  • handle development of and changes to Gantt charts including calculation of the critical path
  • integrate your project schedules with a calendar which allows for weekends and holidays
  • allow for different task dependencies (Start to Finish, Finish to Finish, Start to Start and Lagging)

Project scheduling software in common use is listed in the left hand column. If the project scheduling software that you use is not on the list, you can add it by clicking “Add new idea” at the bottom of the table. For each project scheduling programme that you have used, you can list a “pro” or “con” in the middle column by clicking on “Add argument”. Then in the right hand column you can vote for your preferred project scheduling software.


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