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Mind mapping software for continuing professional developmentOur own experience with MindGenius Mind Mapping Software shows that it is particularly relevant to many of our courses.

We are offering a 20% discount on MindGenius Mind Mapping software to customers who purchase any of the following elearning courses.

Register and purchase any of the online courses below to be eligible for the 20% discount using the Special Offer on MindGenius Mind Mapping Software. After you have registered and paid for the course you will receive a special discount code that entitles you to a 20% reduction when you purchase the MindGenius Mind Mapping Software.

Project Management Essentials – Part 1

This is a bundled package course which contains 4 modules and 8 units.  The four modules cover: 1) Project Management Concepts 2) The Project Life Cycle 3) Organisational Styles and how they affect project management,  and 4) The Project Define Phase.

Project Management Essentials-Part 1 includes the two courses below – Defining Project Goals and Objectives  and Stakeholder Identification and Analysis – which can also be purchased separately.

Defining Project Goals and Objectives

How can MindGenius help to define goals and objectives?

Clear definition of project goals and objectives is a key requirement for successful project outcomes. MindGenius Mind Mapping software helps to co-ordinate and collate project team thinking to set clear goals and objectives.

Special Offer MindGenius Mind Mapping Software-Business Goals

MG-Business Goals

Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

How can MindGenius help to identify and analyse stakeholders?

The Change Team at Exeter University  has found MindGenius helpful for stakeholder analysis.  An example is shown below (not University example for privacy issues):

Once the stakeholders have been identified, analysis of their impact on and interest in the project through the use of colours or categories  provides most of the information necessary for the completion of the project Communications Plan.

MindGenius is so easy to use and so adaptable, that it has been widely adopted throughout the University for a myriad of purposes.”

Special Offer MindGenius Mind Mapping Software-Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis MindGenius Map

Risk Management

How can MindGenius help to manage risk?

MindGenius Mind Mapping software helps you to understand the risk that you are facing so that you can decide whether or not the risk is acceptable to you and if not, how you can take appropriate steps to reduce the risk to an acceptable level . . .  Such an approach increases people’s awareness of risk and increases the knowledge and ownership of risk within an organisation” [READ MORE]

Communications Planning

How can MindGenius help with Communications Planning?

See the comments on the Stakeholder Identification and Analysis course above.

The Work Breakdown Structure

How can MindGenius help to create a WBS?

MindGenius is used for project planning and control on all shapes and sizes of projects. These can range from global supply chain change management projects to mini-projects such as working out the operational requirements for an office move to a new building. To manage the second phase, a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) was developed to identify all tasks that needed to be completed and this article discusses how this was done. . . [READ MORE]

Project Work Scheduling

How can MindGenius help to prepare a Project Work Schedule?

In today’s competitive environment, project teams are pressured to deliver projects faster while maintaining quality. During a project, the team defines the project scope and develops a project work schedule to determine project duration and costs. The process of translating project scope into an actionable task can be a tedious one. Project managers are often looking for accelerators to improve project delivery and lessen the administrative burden. MindGenius solves this problem by providing an easy transition from project scope to an actionable project work schedule in 6 easy steps . . . [READ MORE]

When asked what was the biggest benefit of MindGenius, Gordon Wyllie from MindGenius had this to say:

“MindGenius gives me the ability to record my ideas and present them in a visual format. My brain feeds off of these stimuli and recognises linkages between them which spark insights and inspire new, creative paths to explore. Once they are recorded, MindGenius provides me with a host of features and capabilities to produce an effective end result. But that end result is only as good as the ideas that it is based on.

So the essential value that MindGenius provides me is the ability to quickly record and arrange my thoughts. It is the key stepping stone to everything that I do.” [READ MORE]



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